Everybody loves a Live Concert. The overwhelming energy and aura of thousands of people cheering and connecting over a single performance is something we all long to be a part of. That intensity is not easy to pull off. It requires the perfect venue, the best equipment and of course the right crowd. At Vertigo, we understand that organizing and executing a concert requires careful planning and the appropriate tools: tools that require constant upgrading and maintenance. Production companies have to constantly discard outdated tools and acquire the latest in the field of sound and video technology. This is because the field of entertainment and event management is constantly evolving, so we make sure we update more than just our equipment. Our services go through carefully assessed overhauls as well.

So we’ve been doing this for a while and in our experience high quality equipment and professional management helps make sure the event runs smoothly without any disastrous or even minor glitches. Our trained team comes along with state-of-the-art light and sound equipment which is customized based on the type and needs of the event, whether outdoor or indoor. Here’s how we make sure that we pull off the perfect concert experience for you and your audience:

  • Timeline / Checklists
  • Budget Development
  • Venue selection, negotiation and contracting
  • Vendor selection, negotiation and contracting
  • Coordinate final payments to all involved
  • Personal Assistant Hours
  • Rehearsal or Event Set-up Coordination
  • Day Of Coordination
  • Music and Artist Selection / Booking
  • Fundraising / Community Sponsorship
  • Hospitality
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Creative Concept / Theme Development