Artist Management is such a dry term. We do more than just “manage” artists. The functions of the old school ‘record label business’ has drastically changed since it first sprang up in the 80s. There isn’t just one way to build a career as an artist or performer anymore. There’s a mind boggling range of tools you can use to not just promote your work but to record production, generate publicity, market and distribute your content as well.

At Vertigo, we keep up with the latest trends in the market, as well as the needs of our client, and offer a comprehensive list of services that include:

  • Brand Development
  • Design Press Kits / News Releases
  • Generate and optimize song lists for albums and performances
  • Provide publicity services to promote events and/or new recordings
  • Manage media interviews and public appearances
  • Contract creation, maintenance and negotiations
  • Itinerary and Schedule Maintenance/Touring Support
  • Venue Booking Assistance
  • Merchandising Advice and Creative Support
  • Coordinate Event Headlining Artist

We offer our advice and support to artists we work with, while helping them translate their creative visions into reality.