What we do?

Artist Management

  • Artist Management is such a dry term. We do more than just “manage” artists. The functions of the old school ‘record label business’ has drastically changed since it first sprang up in the 80s.
  • There isn’t just one way to build a career as an artist or performer anymore.
  • There’s a mind boggling range of tools you can use to not just promote your work but to record production, generate publicity, market and distribute your content as well.


  • At Vertigo, we think of ourselves as mediators.
  • We represent you, and we make it our job to create for you hospitality events that are tailor made to your entertainment needs.
  • We collaborate with artists, their agents and management teams to build packages that are value oriented as well as cost-effective.

Wedding Planner

  • Planning an entire wedding can be an overwhelming task.
  • Shuffling between planning your dream wedding and your day to day commitments can be a lot to handle and extremely exasperating.
  • Often the couple and their families aren’t able to fully enjoy the occasion, while planning a wedding.
  • Hiring a wedding planner takes that burden off your shoulders so that the most important days of your life are as stress free as possible.

Destination Parties / Adventure Sports

  • Destiny dance parties are nothing new, but we help you take things to a whole new level.
  • We make your day quite the event, taking the load off of you, and make it a party to remember.
  • We make sure you experience a comfortable, safe and friendly environment. Book yours today!

Where do we come from?

It was 2001. Brendon Raj Silvery fooled around a bit. We happened.